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Live show TV5 Monde Francophonie tour

Panda Media has produced the program “Francophone Tour du Monde : Seoul”, broadcast September 22nd on the french public channel TV5 Monde, in direct live at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) of Seoul. It was in partnership with the Korean channel Arirang, and the French Cultural Institute of Korea.

The show was part of a unique production challenge for the channel TV5 Monde, consisting of 25 live shows under the theme of the Francophonie, linked each hour for 25 hours around the globe. The Seoul program was after the one at Sydney and before the one in Beijing.

The show was a mix of reportages and a talk show around journalist from TV5 Monde , Pascal Veysset, with French-speaking guests : Choe Junho, vice-president of the Korean National University of Arts, the translator Choi Mi-kyeong Ewha, Keum Suk Gendry-Kim, author of comics published in France, Bartomeu Mari, director of the MMCA, Fabien Yoon, French television host living in Korea , Sylvie Mazo, French teacher, and Arnaud Laudrin, owner of a restaurant in Séoul. Dancers from the Korean National University of Arts and electronic artist Mushxxx also performed live on stage.


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