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Bam Bam Bam

2018, Fiction, South Korea, 25 min

A film by Yann K

Produced by Panda Media, Yann K, Woo Ju-eon

Cast : Mun Hye-in, Woo Ji-hyeon, Kwon Mina, Jeong Boram, Im Miju, Loic Gendry

Music : B9, Loic Gendry

Korean distribution: Post Fin

Online screening: Moviebloc

Jin, girl rock drummer, plays with her friend Suhye in a bar of Hongdae, the artist neighborhood of Seoul. A K-pop producer sees them but focuses on Suhye, like a future star that he could shape with his financial power. This drives Jin angry, and when a drummer is angry, she may hit hard.

This film highlights the people hidden in the shadows. Like the heroine of the movie, a drummer hidden in the shadow of a singer. Like the independent rock music they make, hidden behind K-pop. Like the bar where they do their concert, “Strange Fruit”, hidden in a basement of Seoul. These people are the ones who especially make beat the heart of our cities.


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